Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Plainsong and Medieval Music Society

A link to a UK site I just found. Here's the Publications of the Plainsong and Medieval Music Society page, which has some booklets (I guess) of "Plainchant in English"; you can get "An Order for Compline"; "The Ordinary of the Mass" in traditional language; "Matins at Cluny for the Feast of St Peter’s Chains"; and "The Office Hymns of Dufay," among other things.

But not online. And prices are given in British Pounds, so I'm not sure how that will all work out.

Here's something else that I'm sure some of our friends will find interesting:
K.D. Hartzell's Catalogue of Manuscripts written or owned in England up to 1200 containing Music is now published.

Professor Hartzell is a leading scholar in this field, and this catalogue draws together his research and detailed study over almost four decades.

It is a most comprehensive and authoritative catalogue, extending to over 700 pages and comprising descriptions of some 364 sources held by 75 institutions and individuals; furthermore, it enumerates the remains of the written musical traditions for the early medieval period of an entire country. Each record is complemented by paleographical and codicological analyses, and the whole by a bibliography, by comprehensive indices of incipits and subjects, and by eight full-page plates.

The catalogue thus illuminates a facet of medieval England which has never been studied in full and about which we know very little compared to our knowledge of pictorial art and letters. It will be indispensable not only for students of music and liturgy, but for medievalists in general.

It is handsomely set, using styles based on Neil Ker's classic works, and printed on good paper with a robust binding intended to stand up to frequent library and personal use.

The volume is published by Boydell and Brewer in association with The Plainsong and Medieval Music Society.


kthulu's brownie said...


the exchange rate for US currency to UK pounds is about 2:1 (its been stable at about 1.97 USD to the pound for a few months now).

Also - the Greek Catholics have just completed a controversial revision of their chant and you can hear recordings of nearly all of the english and some of the Old Church Slavonic forms here:

bls said...

Thanks. Do you think a person could just make out a check in US Dollars using that formula? I guess it would be good to call or email first, to check.

Thanks very much for the chant link. I'll put it up in a post sometime soon.


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