Monday, April 28, 2008

The Introit for the Feast of the Ascension: Viri Galilaei ("O men of Galilee")

In tending to concentrate on the music for the Divine Office on this blog - largely  because there didn't seem to be much of anything on the web on the topic, but also because I love the Office - I've tended to neglect the music for the celebration of the Eucharist.

Below, as also discussed in my "Office Hymns for Ascension" post, is an audio file of the Introit for this mass, Viri Galilaei ("O men of Galilee"), sung by the "Schola of the Vienna Hofburgkapelle."

The text comes from Acts 1:11 and Psalm 47:1, and these are the Latin words, followed by the English:
Viri Galilaei, quid admiramini aspicientes in caelum?
Alleluia: quemadmodum vidistis eum ascendentem in caelum,
ita veniet, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

Omnes gentes plaudite manibus:
iubilate Deo in voce exsultationis.

Ye men of Galilee, why wonder you, looking up to heaven? alleluia. He shall so come as you have seen Him going up into heaven, alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.

O clap your hands, all ye nations; shout unto God, with the voice of exultation.

Here's the full chant score:

In the comments, an anonymous poster has left two links to videos of two of the mass chants for Ascension: one to the Introit and the other to the Alleluia I.

Here, from, are all the Mass Propers for Ascension, sung by the Sao Paulo Benedictines:
In Ascensione Domini
Introitus: Act. 1, 11; Ps. 46 Viri Galilæi (2m48.4s - 2635 kb) score here
Alleluia: Ps. 46, 6 Ascendit Deus (1m50.2s - 1725 kb) score here
Alleluia: Ps. 67, 18.19 Dominus in Sina (2m33.9s - 2409 kb) score here
Offertorium: Ps. 46, 6 Ascendit Deus (1m33.8s - 1469 kb MONO due to problems with my recording setscore here
(anno A)Mt. 28, 18.19 Data est mihi (1m21.9s - 1283 kb) score here
(anno B)Mc. 16, 17.18 Signa (1m05.5s - 1027 kb)
(anno C)  Ps. 67, 33.34 Psallite Domino (59.0s - 925 kb MONO due to problems with my recording setscore here

You can read other posts about the day's propers on Chantblog as well:

And don't forget to read Full Homely Divinity's article on Ascension.


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