Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Learning Gregorian chant with the help of GNU Solfege - interval recognition"

A long article on the topic at the blog of the Recovering Choir Director:
A reader inquired about how he could use the GNU Solfege freeware ear-training program to help acquire foundational skills required to learn Gregorian Chant. This is an interesting question; GNU Solfege covers a lot of material beyond the minimum required for Gregorian Chant, and yet lacks features best addressed by actually singing in a schola cantorum or at a Mass where singing of the chant is regularly employed.

This tutorial will show the student of chant how to use GNU Solfege to solidify recognition of the subset of melodic intervals employed in Gregorian chant. The only prerequisite to this tutorial is that the student can recognize pitches. Terminology unfamiliar to the student will become more familiar once he begins to assimilate the tutorial into his mind’s ear.

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