Friday, August 14, 2009

Beatam Me Dicent

This is the Communion song for The Feast of St. Mary the Virgin, August 15 (which will be celebrated tonight at 6 p.m. Solemn Mass at St. Mary the Virgin).
Beatam me dicent omnes generationes, quia fecit mihi magna Qui potens est.

All generations shall call me blessed, because He that is mighty hath done great things for me.

Here's an mp3 from the Brazilian Benedictines, and here is the chant score:

Here's a really dramatic piece of Assumption art, from Francesco Botticini and the 15th C.:

I like the "Dormition" theme a lot better, though. This one is from Gherardo Starnina of Florence (c. 1404-1408), and now hangs in the Philadelphia Museum of Art:

And this one is part of the "Grudziądz Polyptych", in the National Museum in Warsaw:

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