Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Global Chant Database

I've posted on this before, but here's an updated version, at a new web address.
This is a beta version of the new Global Chant Database - Gregorian Chant Research Interface. The old version is available at

The main ideas of the Global Chant Database:
  • Everyone searching for a concrete chant or medieval manuscript should find the information on what is the content of the manuscript, in which editions the repertory can be found, which publications concern with the manuscript and which scholars have done research on this manuscript.
  • Everyone doing research on a plainchant manuscript can share the results with the scholar community.
  • The database aims to follow the principles of the Cantus Planus Study Group, concerning the free exchange of data in electronic form.

Please register to access the full content of the database. Only registered users can add a new data.

The Global Chant Database was developed by Jan Koláček - PhD student of the Institute of Musicology at the Charles University in Prague. The database is intended as an easy tool for scholars and students to search and identify plainchant melodies with a possibility of displaying the sources. The purpose of the database is to comprise the chant incipits of all important editions of plainchant and medieval manuscripts.

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