Saturday, March 12, 2011

Vitrearum's Church Art: The Lenten Array

Vitrearum's Church Art: Lenten array 2011, via Allan Barton's wonderful blog that covers "Articles, links and features about all aspects of medieval and medieval revival church art." Thank you, Alan.
Christ Church Staincliffe

The ancient western custom of covering altars and images with Lenten array and Lenten veils has been covered on this blog a number of times.  If you want to know more about the custom and its purpose look at the article here and further examples of it see here, here and here.  It was a custom that seemed to be in decline, but recently there have been one of two revivals of it.  The first few images here are of the array introduced by Fr Anthony Howe at Christ Church Staincliffe in the West Riding of Yorkshire.  An old stencilled frontal was acquired for the high altar and new veils made to go with it.   The last image comes courtesy of Fr David Ackerman and shows the high altar at Windrush in Gloucestershire.  The frontal is an old Warham Guild frontal long unused that he found hidden in a chest in the church and reused for the first time this Lent.  The altar arrangement with the riddel posts is a recent revival of the old arrangement and dates from 2010. 

Christ Church Staincliffe

Christ Church Staincliffe

Windrush, Gloucestershire

Definitely check out his blog.

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