Thursday, November 01, 2012

For All Souls' Day: Messe de Requiem, Gabriel Fauré

From the YouTube page, this is:
The first movement from Gabriel Fauré's Messe de Requiem. Performed at the Solemn Mass on All Souls' Day, 2nd November 2011. The choir of the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin, New York City, James Kennerley, Organist and Music Director. This version is an excellent arrangement by David Hill for organ, violin, 'cello and harp accompaniment. It is published by Novello.

All the videos are here, on James Kennerly's YouTube page; here they are, too, each linked below:
  1. Introït
  2. Offertoire
  3. Sanctus
  4. Pie Jesu
  5. Agnus Dei & Lux Aeterna
  6. Libera me
  7. In Paradisum
Here's more about the Fauré Requiem.  The movements are in the following order (links below to Wikipedia articles about each item):

Here's more about Requiem masses on this blog.  And here's the complete All Souls Days Office.

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