Saturday, January 05, 2013

Epiphany Hymn: "The growing limbs of God the Son"

Here's a wonderful hymn - that's a page with just a sample of it, since the video I had posted here previously is no longer online.  It's one I've never heard before, and another aspect of the historical celebration of Epiphany: Christ's youth.  This theme doesn't figure in to the day much these days, but should.   Beautiful!

These words come from Hymns and Carols of Christmas; the text is by George B. Timms.  
1. The growing limbs of God the Son,
The Father’s sole begotten One,
Prepare him for his work on earth,
Who for mankind took human birth

2. In wisdom and in grace he grows,
Each step of human life he knows,
In all save sin, like us was made,
To be a fallen people’s aid.

3. His Father’s house he enters in,
Where rabbis teach their cure for sin,
While in his heart he hears the call
Which through his cross won life for all.

4. And he who rules angelic bands,
Who high in heavenly glory stands,
Now yeilds him to his mother’s will,
A boy’s obedience to fulfil.

5. He all his radiant splendour hides,
And he who made the stars abides
With Joseph and the Mother blest,
In form of servant manifest.

6. To him, the Father’s only Son,
Let praise and honour now be done,
Who by the Holy Spirit’s grace
Took flesh to save our human race.

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