Wednesday, November 20, 2013

"Seattle’s Compline Tradition"

A nice article about St. Marks' Sunday Compline at The Living Church:

Joel Connelly writes for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer website:
The pews at St. Mark’s Cathedral fill as 9:30 approaches on a Sunday night, and soon young people are lying on the floors of the cavernous “Holy Box” high atop Capitol Hill.

They are coming, and have been for half-a-century, to hear the chanting of an ancient monastic “office” and fulfill the desire of people to experience the sacred and divine. The crowd is, as always, predominantly young.

“Compline is proof that we are spiritual in this region,” said Austin Rickel, a 17-year-old Center School student who recently completed a video on the service.
Read the rest. The Rt. Rev. Gregory Rickel, Bishop of Olympia and father of Austin, writes briefly about the service on his weblog.

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