Friday, February 07, 2014

J.M. Neale: The Hymnal Noted: Parts I & II

Here's a nice find at Google Books.     It's J.M. Neale's 1851 book of hymns from the Salisbury hymnal.  Included are chant scores and English translations - presumably Neale's own, which are always terrific - for all the hymns.

This is all there is by way of introduction to the book:
N.B.—In connection with the Hymnal Noted, are published :—

1. The ACCOMPANYING HARMONIES; for the use of Organists and Choirs.


The first part of the Hymnal Noted is complete in itself, and embraces the whole course of the Church's year.

The second part contains additional Hymns, for the sake of greater fulness and variety.

These two parts are combined in the complete edition, in the proper sequence for the whole course of the Church's year.

Published under the sanction of the Ecclesiologioal (late Cambridge Camden) Society.

The Evening Hymns on Festivals are put before the Morning Hymns, because, like the Collects, they are said at the Evensong of the day before, as well as on the day itself (except when otherwise marked)

Unfortunately, the links in the Table of Contents don't always go to the right place in the book.   A small inconvenience for the privilege of having access to such a great thing.

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