Friday, April 18, 2014

The Tract for Good Friday: Domine exaudi orationem meam ("Hear my prayer, O Lord")

Domine exaudi orationem meam is the tract for Good Friday.  Here it is sung at the Vatican last year:

This is not the same as the Tridentine tract; there were formerly two tracts sung on Good Friday:  Domine audivi, and Eripe me, domine.

CPDL calls this the "Offertory for Wednesday in Holy Week" (which is probably what it was in the Tridentine), and notes that the source of the text is Psalm 101:2-3 (Vulgate):
101: 2  Domine, exaudi orationem meam, et clamor meus ad te [per]veniat.

101: 3 Ne avertas faciem tuam a me: in quacumque die tribulor, inclina ad me aurem tuam; in quacumque die invocavero te, velociter exaudi me.

102:1 Hear my prayer, O Lord: and let my crying come unto thee.

102:2 Hide not thy face from me in the time of my trouble: incline thine ear unto me
when I call; O hear me, and that right soon.

There is more to this tract than just that, though; see the image below, which includes other portions of Psalm 101 (one of the "Seven Penetential Psalms"):

I am on the way out to my own Good Friday observance, so I will complete this post later.  Meanwhile, provides a listing, including audio files and chant scores, of all the propers on this day:

Feria sexta in Passione Domini

Ad liturgiam verbi

Tractus: Domine exaudi (2m23.6s - 2246 kb)  score
Graduale: Christus factus est (2m15.2s - 2114 kb)  score

Adoratio Santæ Crucis

Invitationem: Ecce lignum Crucis (prima 42.6s - 668 kb, secunda altius quam prima 43.9s - 688 kb, tertia altius quam secunda 43.4s - 682 kb)  score
Antiphona: Crucem tuam (1m39.1s - 1550 kb)  score
Improperia: Popule meus (in four parts because of size: 1 - Popule meus - 2m18.7s - 2170 kb  score; 2 - Quia eduxi te - 4m34.7s - 4294 kb  score; 3 - Ego propter te flagellavi Ægyptum - 4m17.8s - 4030 kb  score; 4 - Ego te potavi - 3m22.1s - 3160 kb, 1+2+3+4=14m31s)  score
Hymnus: Crux fidelis (7m01.9s - 6594 kb)  score
Communio: Hoc corpus (2m51.7s - 2684 kb)  score, Vexilla Regis (3m22.7s - 3168 kb)  score

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