Friday, August 08, 2014

O Frondens Virga (Hildegard von Bingen 1098-1179)

Chanticleer shared this video on their socmed feeds this past week:

Here are the Latin words of the antiphon:
O frondens virga,
In tua nobilitate stans,
sicut aurora procedit.
Nunc gaude et laetare et nos debiles dignare
a mala consuetudine liberare,
atque manum tuam porrige ad erigendum nos. 

Here's one English translation of this (link is a PDF):
O branch, coming into leaf,
standing in your nobility
just as dawn advances:
now rejoice and be glad
and deem us, helpless ones, worthy;
free us from evil habits
and even reach out your hand
to lift us.


Anonymous said...

It is really a great song thank you for this traduction!! Have a nice day good bye

Kevin said...

This is, I think, the most moving chant I've ever heard. Is a CD copy available?

bls said...

There are many listed at Amazon:

I don't know if Chanticleer has recorded it, though - looks like not, from the list at that link.


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