Friday, February 01, 2008

Chant Propers for Candlemas (The Feast of the Presentation)

I've copied and pasted below the full complement of the Candlemas Chant Propers - including those from the Procession - from this In Presentatione Domini page; the chants were recorded live at St. Benedict's Monastery in São Paulo (Brazil). 

The links on the named propers are mp3s; click "score" to get the chant scores.
In Presentatione Domini

Ad processionem

Antiphona: Is. 35, 4.5 Ecce Dominus noster (20.4s - 322 kb) score
Procedamus in pace (8.3s - 133 kb) score
Antiphona: Lumen ad revelationem gentium (1m27.3s - 1367 kb) score
Antiphona: Adorna thalamum (2m30.6s - 2367 kb) score

Ad Missam

Introitus: Ps. 47, 10.11 et 2 Suscepimus (2m57.0s - 2767 kb) score
Graduale: Ps. 47, 10.11. V. 9 Suscepimus (2m30.5s - 2355 kb) score
Alleluia: Senex puerum portabat (3m02.2s - 2849 kb) score
Offertorium: Ps. 44, 3 Diffusa est gratia (1m45.2s - 1647 kb) score
Communio: Lc. 2, 26 Responsum (34.8s - 547 kb) score


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