Saturday, February 09, 2008

More Byzantine Catholic Chants

On this page, from the website Gréckokatolíci na Slovensku - the Byzantine Catholics in Slovakia. That last link goes to the main page in the Slovak language (I assume?), BTW; the first link goes to a page of mp3 files and is in English, though.

Here's a beautiful one, with a title we in the West know: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent. It's described as a:
[R]eplacement for the Cherubic hymn at the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great on the Holy Saturday. Carpathian chant - Prostopinie (Cantus firmus).
(4:45; 44,1 kHz 128 kbit joint stereo; 4466 kb) in Church Slavonic

A similar feel, actually, to the Western tune, Picardy. Makes sense, given the theme.

Here's a pretty Phos Hilaron:
Gladsome Light: [Fós hilaron] - hymn from Vespers celebrating Christ, Light for everyone and source of life fot the whole world. Kievan chant.
(1:55; 44,1 kHz 128 kbit joint stereo; 1824 kb) in Church Slavonic

And here's a chant that would have been used quite recently, God is with us, described as the:
[S]olemn chant at the Great Compline of Christmas and Epihany. (Taken from Isaisah chapter 8-9). Carpathian chant - Prostopinie (Cantus firmus).
(5:32; 44,1 kHz 128 kbit/s joint stereo; 5192 kb) in Slovak - smaller file (56 kbit/s joint stereo; 2272 kb)

I think, actually, you can listen to all the sung parts of the Liturgy of John Crysostom, in order; I could be wrong about this, though, because I really don't know much about the Eastern Rites. That section is in the second half of the page.

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