Sunday, May 03, 2009

Missa Orbis Factor

Missa Orbis Factor is the XIth setting of the Ordinary of the Mass; it's a setting for Ordinary Time. (All the chant scores are at that link, but here's another that shows them all on one page.) The version below is from Giovanni Vianini's YouTube Channel:

That's the Kyrie, the Gloria, the Sanctus, and the Agnus Dei. "Orbis Factor" means "Creator of the World." This site says that:
The composer of this music is unknown. The music is either based on, or was the source for, a devotional hymn “Orbis factor, rex aeternae eleison” (“Creator of the world, eternal king, have mercy”).


Ancilla said...

I love these songs. I often sing them at Church. The Orbis Factor and the Pascal period are my favorite ones.

bls said...

They are beautiful, aren't they?

Thanks for coming by and commenting.

Fr. Héctor R.G. Pérez yRobles, STD said...

Though more difficult to learn than some of the others, the Orbis Factor is, indeed, beautiful, and once you get it you really tend to appreciate its simplicity and flow. We use it here on Sundays during the year after Pentecost.

bls said...

Thanks for commenting, Fr. Robles.

How is life in Pensacola these days? Is the oil spill affecting life there a lot?

We're all praying for everybody in the region.

Anonymous said...

this recording is horrible! It's straight trough without life. The rhythm theorie of Solesmes was never true and it destroys the music like all theories that give nearly all notes the equal time. Today we know better.


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