Friday, May 08, 2009

"The Sarum gradual and the Gregorian antiphonale missarum" online

Here, "Extracted from Graduale Sarisburiense published for members of the Plainsong and Medieval Music Society. Traces the "development of the Sarum Gradual from the Gregorian Antiphonale missarum." By Walter Frere, and published in 1895:
The Sarum gradual and the Gregorian antiphonale missarum: a dissertation and an historical index
By Walter Howard Frere, Plainsong and Mediaeval Music Society (Great Britain), Catholic Church, Plainsong and Mediaeval Music Society (Great Britain).
Published by published for members of the Plainsong and Mediaeval Music Society [by] B. Quaritch, 1895
Original from Harvard University
Digitized Oct 29, 2007
102 pages

You can download a 3M PDF of the book, too (that's the link right there).

Haven't looked very closely at this yet, but I'm sure it will be very interesting. There are some (black and white) samples of illuminated chant manuscripts, too, such as the one below, which I believe is Plate 1, and is described this way:
1. From Brit. Mus. MS. Additional, 12194—tne MS. which is the main basis of the reproduction given in the complete work. Sec p. xxxv.

This page contains the end of the Service for Saturday in the September Ember Week, and the beginning of the Procession on the Dedication Festival.


admin said...


I saw your link to the PDF of this book, which I'm desperate to get as I would like to sing an extract from it at my wedding (next Tuesday!). However, the link appears to be broken, or they've taken this book off Google Books.

I've already tried getting my hands on a copy at the library - I'm in the netherlands, there should be one in Utrecht, but they're moving to a new location and their whole collection is unavailable until after the big day.

I don't suppose you might be able to point me in the direction of where else I might be able to download the file in question... or perhaps, I know it's cheeky to ask but I'm really clutching at straws now... email me the file direct?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.



bls said...

The link worked for me; try it again? Or, leave me an email address here, and I'll send you the PDF.

Congratulations, and very best wishes for a wonderful wedding day! May your love for each other grow ever stronger, and may God bless your life together.

bls said...

I should note, though, that there really isn't any music in this book; as I flipped through it, there seem to be only a few plates.

It's mostly just names of antiphons and hymns and things; this was Frere's dissertation.

I think you must be thinking of something else....

Anonymous said...

Link doesn't work for me either - can you email to


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