Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Still another Google Books hymn find

This one is Early Christian Hymns: Translations of the Verses of the Most Notable Latin Writers of the Early and Middle Ages, by Daniel Joseph Donahoe, published in 1908.

This one's interesting because it lists hymns by author, and gives some introductory information about the hymn-writer. And there look to be some fascinating and obscure hymns for various occasions here - such as "On the Winding-Sheet (Mysterium Mirabile)" and "Hymn to the Angel Guardians (Custotles Hominum Psallimus)."


Geometricus said...

Yes, I found that book very helpful in finding out about St. Hilary's Morning hymn which I wrote about on my blog this week. I look forward to using it more.

bls said...

There are so many great resources at Google Books; some are linked in my sidebar, and I often include links (as you've probably seen) in the posts as well.

It's terrific that we can find these obscure things right from our own home computers, in fact! It would have been really hard to locate them only a few years ago.


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