Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Greatness of J.S. Bach (Again!)

We're singing the Crucifixus from the Bach B Minor Mass this year, twice (once on Good Friday), so naturally I was hunting around for a video of it so I could practice at home.

And I found the most lovely set of videos from the piece, and of course needed to post them right away. Here's the Crucifixus:

And here's maybe my favorite section of the Mass, the Domine Deus:

More: Et in unum Dominum:

And of course that opening Kyrie:

See many more on this page.

Ensemble Orchestral de Paris.

Ruth Ziesak: soprano.
Joyce DiDonato: mezzosoprano.
Daniel Taylor: countertenor.
Paul Agnew: alto.
Dietrich Henschel: bass.

Conducted by John Nelson.


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