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About those Epiphanytide Office Hymns....

....I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, listed in Hymn melodies for the whole year from the Sarum service-books as hymns assigned "From the Оctave of the Epiphany until the 1st Sunday in Lent." Here again is that group, and the tune numbers prescribed for them:
From the Оctave of the Epiphany until the 1st Sunday in Lent:
On Sundays:

Mattins: Primo dierum omnium ... ... ... 15
Lauds: Eterne rerum Conditor ... ... ... 17
Evensong: Lucis Creator optime ... ... ... 19

On Mondays:

Mattins: Somno refeftis artubus... ... ... 15
Lauds: Splendor Paterne glorie... ... ... 17
Evensong: Immense celi Conditor... ... ... 20

On Tuesdays:

Mattins: Consors Paterni luminis... ... ... 15
Lauds: Ales diei nuncius ... ... ... 17
Evensong: Telluris ingens Conditor... ... ... 20

On Wednesdays:

Mattins: Rerum Creator optime... ... ... 15
Lauds: Nox et tenebre et nubila... ... ... 17
Evensong: Celi Deus sanctissime ... ... ... 20

On Thursdays:

Mattins: Nox atra rerum contegit... ... ... 15
Lauds: Lux ecce surgit áurea... ... ... 17
Evensong: Magne Deus potencie... ... ... 20

On Fridays:

Mattins: Tu Trinitatis Unitas... ... ... 15
Lauds: Eterna celi Gloria... ... ... 17
Evensong: Plasmator hominis, Deus... ... ... 20

On Saturdays

Mattins: Summe Deus clemencie ... ... ... 15
Lauds: Aurora iam spargit polum ... ... ... 17
Evensong: Deus, Creator omnium ... ... ... 21

Well, I'm realizing now that this is the same list of Office hymns that TPL lists in its Tempus per Annum (Ordinary Time) section. In other words, these are the hymns to be sung throughout the year (according to TPL), on days not part of special saints' days or seasonal celebrations.  [EDIT:  Since I wrote this post, I've found audio files for most of these hymns; see The "Weekday Propers Sung," according to the Lutheran Liturgical Prayer Brotherhood to hear them.  I need to go through them to see if the melodies given above match - and will also write a post about the hymns themselves at some point.]

At first I thought that Hymn melodies was merely prescribing certain tunes for these hymns during Epiphanytide - tunes different from those sung at other times of the year. But in fact, as far as I can tell, Hymn melodies does something else entirely: it assigns hymns by season precisely, and does not assign hymns to the days of the week at all. The same hymn, in other words, is sung each day at Lauds during the season of Advent, for instance - Vox clara ecce intonat, it happens to be - and a different one - Ecce iam noctis - is sung each day, for another instance, "From the Octave of Corpus Christi until Advent."

In other words, the only time (in the Sarum Use) that these 21 hymns are sung is during Epiphanytide - as opposed to the Catholic (and I think Lutheran as well, given what I find on the LLPB site, and then perhaps others as well) system of singing those 21 hymns whenever the day is a feria (not a feast of any kind, that is). I should add that the Anglican religious communities I'm familiar with use the 21-hymn system, not the Sarum system. I wonder if this simply reflects an older practice, and I only know about this difference because I've been using Hymn melodies for research? All very nteresting, in any case!

Anyway, below again are the chant scores for those listed tunes. I can say right away that tune #17, prescribed for Lauds hymns during the week, is the same one used by the Lutheran Liturgical Prayer Brotherhood (and one I know from my own experience, too); here's an mp3 with the tune (the Monday Lauds hymn, called "O Splendor of God's glory bright" - Splendor paternae gloriae at TPL - by the LLBP).

Also that tune #20, prescribed for Vespers hymns during the week, is the same one used by LLPB; here's an mp3 with the tune (the Tuesday Vespers hymn, called "Earth's Mighty Maker" - Telluris ingens Conditor at TPL - by the LLBP).

I may post again if I find others of these melodies online:

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