Thursday, November 01, 2012

All Saints' Day: Iusti in perpetuum vivent

This is another of John Sheppard's All Saints' Day responsories.

From the YouTube page:
Iusti in perpetuum vivent ("The righteous will live for ever,") is another Vespers respond for the Feast of All Saints composed by the Tudor Era English composer John Sheppard (c1515-1558) it is a respond at Second Vespers on All Saints' Day.

Text - Latin:
Iusti in perpetuum vivent
et apud Dominum est merces eorum
et cogitatio eorum apud altissimum.
Ideo accipient regnum decoris
et diadema speciei de manu Domini.
Gloria, laus et honor, decus potestas et iubilatio
Patri ac Nato et Spiritui Sancto.

Respond at Second Vespers on All Saints' Day

English Translation:

The righteous will live for ever,
and their reward is with the Lord,
and their thoughts are on the most high.
Therefore will they receive the glory of the kingdom
and a shining crown from the hand of the Lord.
Glory, praise and honour, virtue, power and rejoicing

The text is from Wisdom 5:

15 But the righteous live for ever,
and their reward is with the Lord;
the Most High takes care of them.

16 Therefore they will receive a glorious crown
and a beautiful diadem from the hand of the Lord,
because with his right hand he will cover them,
and with his arm he will shield them.

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