Monday, January 21, 2013

An English Martyrology

From the Annex, (which they call an "Overflow site for"); the link below opens a 1.25MB PDF file.

There appears to be no extant Sarum Martirology stemming directly from Salisbury. However several MS Latin Martirologies, such as that in British Museum Harl. MS 2785. appears to be of Sarum Use.

The English Martirology available here is an edition of that prepared by Richard Whytford and printed by Wynken de Worde in 1526. Contractions have been spelled out and punctuation modernized, but the orthography follows the original.

Readers may also wish to refer to the edition of the same Martirology issued by the Henry Bradshaw Society in 1893, which contains an informative introduction as well as comparative notes.

We hope to make a Latin Sarum Martirology available in due course.

The Martirology is read daily after the Office of Prime.


Maximus said...

Great stuff! I love sites like these...I think the lady above is St. Bridget of Sweden receiving her revelations..?

bls said...

Good question! I don't really know, actually - but I'll see if I can do a little snooping and find out for sure....


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